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What Is Sprouted Grain?

There’s a period right after a grain or seed has sprouted, but before it’s a full-fledged plant, when the potential for nutrition, taste, and performance rises. Our 100% sprouted whole wheat capture this deliciously! Sprouting grains activate enzymes which can help make them more easily digested. Nutrients are believed to be at the highest available concentration and bioavailability.

Locally Sourced, Identity Preserved

We use a pure wheat variety that is grown in the Red River Valley, and sprouts to perfection for great taste and optimal whole grain nutrition.

Upgrade Your Sandwich

Enjoy the variety of great tasting and nutritious ActivFit 100% Sprouted Whole Wheat breads and rolls. Full of more protein, fiber, and Omega 3 fatty acids, our non-GMO wheat gives you increased nutrient value that’s higher in trace minerals. The Whole Grain Council recommends eating 48g of whole grains each day. Our breads contain 22g of whole grains per slice, that’s 44g in one sandwich!

Our Products

Sprouted Grains: Milled vs Mashed

Not all sprouted ingredients are created equal. Sprouting is a precise process – one that requires extensive expertise and just the right conditions of temperature and moisture. Our whole wheat is sprouted and milled by trusted, family owned germinators and flour millers who have been in the business for over a century.

Some bakers utilize a mash process where grains are soaked and never dried and milled into a flour. This process is uncontrolled which increases variability in flavor, shelf life, and nutritional benefits. ActivFit’s total process brings control to nature’s variable imperfections. The result is a consistent experience in every loaf.

The Mashed Claim

The Claim

  • Perfectly sprouted
  • Made, ground & mixed fresh
  • Never dried milled into flour
  • Delivers superior taste, nutrition, and purity

The Fact

  • Grains sprout at differing rates. No meaningful time, temperature, or moisture controls.
  • Bought on open commodity markets. No Identity Preservation. Fresh is meaningless.
  • Mashed when production floor is ready for next batch, not at optimal sprout. Misleading claim implies “flourless” – still contains wheat allergen.
  • Uncontrolled production process increases variability and reduces shelf life, natural sweetness, and bioavailability.

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